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15:07 Ticket #69 (Avahi needs to check the originating process of netlink messages) closed by lathiat
14:53 Ticket #69 (Avahi needs to check the originating process of netlink messages) created by lathiat
Avahi does not currently verify the originating process of netlink …
14:42 Milestone Avahi 0.6.15 completed
This is a bugfix release, this bug is potentially security sensitive * …
06:36 Ticket #68 (Avahi should not use dbus_connection_close but _unref instead) created by lathiat
Originated from Debian Bug Report 397272: …


02:52 Ticket #67 (Avahi-discover should display a GUI dialog if it cannot connet to ...) created by lathiat
Currently avahi-discover just barfs with a console error if it cannot …


04:10 Ticket #66 (Avahi can not send queries on FreeBSD VLAN Interfaces) created by lathiat
It appears that Avahi does not operate correctly with VLAN interfaces on a …


14:37 Ticket #65 (API documentation for avahi_client_new) created by jkyro
The API documentation doesn't tell that the avahi_client_new function also …


19:00 Ticket #64 (bonjour compat API needs more love) created by lennart
Quoting a mail form JP Roseavear: […]


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00:19 Ticket #63 (avahi python module is not dealing with unicode strings) created by sb
byte_array_to_string in init.py simply replaces characters that are …


22:15 Ticket #62 (publish AAAA records on Ipv4 too, and vice versa) created by lennart
As it seems MacOSX nowadays registers both A and AAAA records via both …
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